In-house industrial production

  • Allschwil
  • Suzhou
  • Golbey

Three sites in France, China and Switzerland

Fives and its Cryogenics | Energy business line has dedicated industrial production lines in France, China and Switzerland - all of which provide their customers with optimum quality and reactivity. The workshops for the production of the cryogenic pumps of the Cryomec range are located in Switzerland. As for the brazed heat exchangers, cold boxes and cores in drums, the workshops are located in France and China.

All products are certified ISO 9001 and offer the same facilities manufacturing, assembling and test areas. These sites also include a team of experts specialized in customer and technical support and services (expertise, maintenance, repairs, spare parts...).


It is based in Allschwil near Basel and benefits from 1 600 m² of workshop, 4 halls and 750 m² of offices. 

Cryogenic pumps
Cryogenic pumps


It is located in Golbey near Epinal and is equipped with 2 brazing furnaces.

This site benefits from 20 000 m² of workshop, 5 halls and 2 000 m² of offices.

Welding - Brazed heat exchangers
Welding - Brazed heat exchangers


It is located in Suzhou and benefits from 15 000 m² of workshop with 2 brazing furnaces.

Welding - Brazed heat exchangers
Welding - Brazed heat exchangers