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High Quality Certified Products

Fives’  Cryogenics | Energy products have been granted high-standard certifications that apply to the most recognized codes and standards within the world of pressure vessels. In order to fully satisfy its customers and adapt to their specific needs, Fives is committed to meeting their requirements by applying to the necessary regulations, both on the national and international levels. Thanks to its high-standard Quality Management System, Fives is also able to obtain new certifications that may be required by the customer. 


Quality Management

Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line has been involved in Quality Management and has been ISO 9001 certified since 1992 (Golbey site).

All of Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line production sites (Golbey, Allschwil and Suzhou) have obtained ISO 9001 : 2008 certificates.

Environment, Health & Safety and Certifications

Within the Cryogenics | Energy business line, Fives is actively improving its environmental impact by obtaining the ISO 14001: 2004 certification (Golbey and Allschwil sites). Sustainable development is a global priority today. The teams of Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line are constantly integrating social, environmental, and economic concerns - at every step of their production process.

Fives Cryogenics | Energy's quality process also ensures that its employees' working environment offers the best health and safety conditions by using a process recognized by the OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification (Golbey site). 

The equipment is always designed according to the customer's requirements and assembled with professional materials and within proper safety conditions.

The entire range of Fives’ equipment can be designed to fit the customer’s requirements. They are fully tested before delivery.

Certifications Common to Heat Exchangers and Pumps

Export to Russia:

Certificate of Conformity GOST –R and TCRU

Available for Golbey and Allschwil.

Fives designs ATEX-compliant equipment on customer request.

Specific Certifications for Pumps                                                       

PED 97/23/EC, module H

Available for Allschwil                                                                     

Specific Certifications for Heat Exchangers

Available for Golbey.

Available for Suzhou.

Available for Suzhou.

Available for Golbey.

Available for Golbey and Suzhou.

Available for Golbey and Suzhou.

Available for Golbey.

Available for Golbey.