Argon Recovery

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Why recover Argon ?

Argon is an abundant, inert gas which has various uses such as: Welding, producing high quality steel, filler gas in light bulbs and double-glazed windows. Within Fives, the Cryogenics | Energy business line provides high quality brazed heat exchangers and cryogenic pumps dedicated to Argon recovery units.

Which equipment for this application ?

Fives’ brazed heat exchangers and cryogenic pumps are used worldwide in Argon recovery plants, as this equipment is a key element in cryogenic argon recovery  processes. 

Why Fives?

Fives’ brazed heat exchangers' and cryogenic pumps' designs are tailor-made and manufactured either in France, China or Switzerland for worldwide delivery.

Fives’ industrial sites are equipped with quality control, support and additional services (after sales, spare parts, expertise, repairs, maintenance…). 



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