Nitrogen Liquefaction

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Why separate Nitrogen ?

Liquid Nitrogen is easy to transport, compared to pressurized gas. It is widely used in welding & metal production, chemicals, healthcare, food freezing, and also for cooling. Fives, through its Cryogenics | Energy business line, provides high performance equipment with brazed plate-fin heat exchanger technology as well as cryogenic pumps.

Which equipment for this application?

Fives' brazed heat exchangers and cryogenic pumps take part in all Liquid Nitrogen processes and are used worldwide in Liquid Nitrogen production plants. Fives' brazed heat exchangers can be connected together to form an assembly or multiple assemblies, without limit.

Why Fives?

Thanks to its in-house industrial production sites in France, China and Switzerland, Fives supports its customers from the very first design and production of brazed heat exchangers and cryogenic pumps to the final set-up of the product on site – anywhere in the world.


The Fives’ BAHX can go up to a cross section of 10 meters by 10 meters, for cold box assemblies produced in the factory in China, which can be shipped worldwide.

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