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Why liquefy gas ?

The distribution of natural gas in its gaseous form via pipelines is sometimes not possible (for political and/or geographical reasons) or uneconomical. Natural gas has to be liquefied with its volume reduced by a 600:1 factor to be transported by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) tankers. Companies that sell natural gas mainly use LNG liquefaction units to liquefy and transport natural gas.

The largest producer of LNG is Qatar, whose liquefaction capacity is roughly one-quarter of global LNG liquefaction capacity as of late 2013 (source: International Energy Agency).

Natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel than coal, for example.  Getting natural gas via LNG to countries that do not have their own natural gas sources can be beneficial for air quality if natural gas is burned, instead of dirtier energy sources.

Which equipment for this application ?

The natural gas liquefaction process involves a cryogenic refrigeration cycle requiring brazed aluminium heat exchangers (BAHX) and cryogenic pumps. Depending on the type of process used to liquefy the natural gas, the BAHX are integrated into the pre-cooling liquefaction cycle and the liquefaction cycle of the process. The vapor must be liquefied, meaning that the fluid must go down in temperature (lower than its liquefaction temperature).  

Why Fives ?

With more than 50 years experience in hydrocarbon processing, Fives is a qualified supplier of brazed aluminium heat exchangers, cold boxes and cryogenic pumps by major players in the LNG Liquefaction sector. Fives provides ultimate performance brazed heat exchangers which offer multi-stream technology (up to 20 fluids) and complete design flexibility. Fives has a complete team of experts specialized in design, brazing and assembling who will accompany its customers from the start of the project to the delivery, installation and provision of services.

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