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Why store LNG in peak shaving units ?

LNG peak shaving units are used for storing surplus natural gas, so as to be able to meet the requirements of peak consumption later during the different seasons.

Gas distribution companies and local administrations use this application to be more flexible in their consumption of natural gas. Thanks to these Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) peak shaving units, they will be able to face periods of peak consumption during cold winter times and extreme summer heat. Peak shaving can also be used to keep natural gas prices from soaring during periods of high gas consumption.

Which equipment for this application ?

Brazed aluminium plate-fin heat exchangers and cryogenic pumps are required in cryogenic refrigeration to processes store natural gas in the liquid form. The BAHX can be integrated into a pre-cooling liquefaction cycle and a liquefaction cycle - depending on the type of process used to liquefy the natural gas.

Why Fives ?

Fives has acquired a strong experience in LNG peak shaving. Fives provides brazed aluminum heat exchangers which combine multi-stream capacity and design flexibility. Its expertise and know-how cover the design and manufacturing of cold boxes for LNG peak shaving units, based on single-component or multi-component refrigeration cycles.

Fives delivered the first ever LNG cold box in China for the Shanghai Peak Shaving Project, which is over 14m high! It has been in operation since 2000.typo3/#_msocom_1

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