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Why produce ethylene ?

Ethylene is one of the base components of the chemistry of plastics and is produced by the petrochemical industry. Ethylene is also an important natural plant hormone, used in agriculture to force the ripening of fruit. Its worldwide production exceeds that of any other organic compound. Global ethylene production, at the beginning of 2013, represented more than 143 millions tons per year.

Ethylene is produced by steam cracking, a very complex process. Brazed aluminium heat exchangers (BAHX) are widely used in the steam cracking ethylene units.

What are the equipments for this application ?

During the cryogenic distillation within the steam cracking process, BAHX is the equipment used in order to cool down streams to very low temperatures. BAHX can handle many different fluids at very different pressures/temperatures in the same exchanger. They are also used as condensers and reboilers on the distillation columns.

Why Fives ?

As a renowned manufacturer of equipment for the petrochemical industry, Fives has provided more than 150 cold boxes and cores-in-drums for over 40 years. Fives is among the world leaders in the supply of BAHX and associated equipment for ethylene plants. Thanks to a multi-stream capability and a flexible design, Fives’ BAHX can meet all its customers’ requirements in their ethylene projects.  As each ethylene unit is different and not standardized, Fives and its design engineers are able to accompany customers during all the phases of the project until the start up of the plant.

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