A successfully completed repair for Fives Cryo After Sales Service

Succesful repair for Fives Cryo After Sales Service 2-FIVES

An industrial site based in UK contacted the field service department of Fives Cryo for a problem of leakage. Indeed, this exchanger was manufactured in 1988 by Fives Cryo. Most of these problems occur after upsets in the plant operating conditions, and/or long-term use of the equipment. During the preliminary meeting, the team expertised the equipment and defined type and location of the leakages.

The expertise showed :

  • A significant leakage between two active layers
  • A leak between active and inactive sections

On the basis of these conclusions, a repair procedure was established by Fives Cryo's Service Department, explained to and approved by the customer.
The Fives Cryo welders, on the customer’s site, grinded and repaired by welding the two internal leakages. At the end of the operation, all the new welds were controlled by Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) related to pressure vessel regulation: dye penetrant test, x-ray, strength test and tightness test.
The repair itself was done in less than one week. Thanks to this successful operation, the client started up again its production at the nominal conditions at which the unit had been shut down before the repair.

Fives Cryo After Sales Service undertakes around 30 on-site services per year, on heat exchangers from its own supply or not. These repairs are performed by highly skilled welders, trained and educated in Fives Cryo in-house welding school.