Cryomec HSMP


Fives Cryomec HSMP Pump

Horizontal Sealless Motor Pump

Fives' Cryomec HSMP pump (Horizontal Sealless Motor Pump) is dedicated to small scale transfer applications.

The main advantage of this encapsulated design is the absence of seal system between the cryogenic and motor parts. The bearings are life time bearings for smooth operation, avoiding technicians’ intervention for manual regreasing

This sealless pump is mainly used in ATEX areas (explosive atmospheres), for hydrocarbon liquids like LNG or methane, high suction pressure gases like carbon dioxide and expensive liquids like pure argon.

Maximum Safety

With its high-end design, Fives' Cryomec HSMP pump - equipped with a motor - is totally encapsulated (IP6x), implying that the equipment is entirely safe when pumping hydrocarbon or dangerous liquids, such as CO.

Ultimate Reliability

Fives' Cryomec HSMP pumps are designed to be able to take over 4’000 hours of duty – 4 times higher compared with mechanical seal pumps - a key asset for the equipment's reliability and your fluid transfer’s reliability.

Optimized TCO

Due to its high-end mechanical design, the maintenance is reduced to the strict minimum as there is no seal.

Moreover, there is no seal gas requested by this pump and the number of wear parts is reduced which optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Product features and advantages

  • 100% capsulated pump – ZERO shaft seal – ZERO leakage
  • A flow rate up to 1’500 l/min (single stage version only)
  • Fives offers this single stage pump with differential head up to 120 m
  • Possibility to retrofit mechanical seal pump installation without any modification
  • A specific design allowing constant cold standby
  • Reduced NPSH brought by an inducer and a patented Supercharger technology (for single stage pumps).
  • Easy maintenance and low total cost of ownership
  • A maximum safety level - recommended for explosive atmospheres area such as ATEX
  • Improved technology based on our long term expertise in Sealless pump (Cryomec VSMP)

Working principles of Fives' Cryomec Horizontal Sealless Motor Pump

Working principles of Fives' Cryomec Horizontal Sealless Motor Pump

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