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Within Fives, the Cryogenics | Energy business line is specialized in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of brazed heat exchangers, cold boxes, cores-in-drums and cryogenic pumps from its Cryomec range. These key products are developed for the gas production and processing industry. Fives, through its Cryogenics | Energy business line, provides innovative solutions and ultimate performance equipment dedicated to applications such as air separation, distribution, natural gas processing, LNG, olefins and petrochemicals, helium and filling systems…

Strengthened by over 50 years of experience with the world's largest engineering and gas manufacturing groups, the Group's Cryogenics | Energy business line has built up a reputation for reliability and long-term relationship with customers.

As a technological leader in the cryogenics market, Fives, with its Cryogenics | Energy business line, develops the best technical, economical and tailor-made solutions to its customers and goes beyond delivery by offering associated support and services such as after-sales services and preventive maintenance and repairs.