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Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line provides cold boxes with one or more integrated brazed aluminium heat exchangers in a carbon steel casing. These cold boxes combine brazed heat exchangers with any type of complementary cryogenic equipment, such as knock-out drums, two-phase injection drums, distillation columns, interconnecting piping, valves and instrumentation.

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A Pioneer and leading manufacturer

More than 250 cold box units have been built and delivered worldwide since 1959 under successive brands known as Trane, Nordon Cryogenie, Fives Cryogenie and now Fives.

Ready for site installation

Compared to other methods, cold boxes offer easier installation, support and connection to customer piping, as well as improved insulation and protection against external atmospheres.

Complete protection

Cold boxes provide excellent protection of equipment and insulation against external influences like rain, snow, wind, etc. ...

Mechanical robustness

Cold boxes are self-supporting structures, acting as support for enclosed equipment, such as heat exchangers, drums, valves and instrumentation. Cold boxes are shipped with weights up to 200 metric tons.

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Fives' cold box casings consist of a carbon steel self-supporting structure closed by welded sheets of carbon steel. The box - fitted with a nitrogen purge system and pressure relief devices - also contains stainless steel beams that support the enclosed equipment. As a cold box is usually transported horizontally (as opposed to its vertical operating position), temporary support material is added to protect the equipment during the transportation and erection phases.

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