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Cores-in-drums : thermal efficiency and compactness

Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line supplies high performance cores-in-drums (also called blocks-in-shells). This combination of one (or more) brazed heat exchanger(s) installed within a drum, provides the same kind of service as the traditional shell-and-tube style of a kettle, but with more compact dimensions and greater thermal efficiency.

Integrated packages allowing a multi-stream service

Core-in-drum units are delivered already assembled (ready for installation, connection to customer piping and insulation on site) and can combine several different items into the same shell.

Unrivalled compactness

Core-in-drum units offer smaller sizes, weights and footprints than shell-and-tube kettles for a given capacity.

Enhanced performance

Core-in-drum units can easily replace existing conventional kettles to provide enhanced performance within the same allowable space.

Key advantages

  • Delivered ready for installation, connection and insulation on site.
  • Allows for multi-stream service in a single unit.
  • A smaller size, lower weight and footprint than a shell-and-tube unit.
  • Lower installation and operation costs.
  • Easily replaces conventional kettles to provide enhanced performance within the same allowable space.
  • Shipping weights from up to 200 metric tons.


Fives’ core-in-drum (block-in-shell) consists of one or more brazed heat exchangers installed inside a carbon steel or stainless steel drum.

When heat exchanger and drum materials are different, piping penetrations through the drum wall are achieved by means of welded bimetallic transition joints.

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