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Cryomec Labs Pump

Fives' Cryomec Labs (labyrinth) is a centrifugal pump commonly used in air separation units (ASU) or in industries that consume large quantities of liquefied gases. Fives' Cryomec Labs pump is a process pump designed for continuous duty and process applications.

The barrel type pump is designed to fit perfectly onto any cold box and optimize the equipment's maintenance down time. The pump can easily be extracted, avoiding the burdensome and time-consuming dismantling of the cold-box, suction, by pass and discharge lines.


Fives' Cryomec Labs pumps are now VFD driven, which provides significant flexibility in the process and reduces investment costs.

Ultimate Reliability

Due to its specific design (the bearings can take a minimum of 50 000 hours of duty), Fives owns records of more than 8 years of continuous duty without maintenance.

Simplified Maintenance

Due to its mechanical design, the maintenance down time is reduced to the strict minimum.

Product features and advantages

  • Flow rates up to 8 000 l/min in single stage version, or 5 000 l/min in multi-stages.
  • A choice of single or multistage pumps with differential heads which can reach up to 2 800 m.
  • A mechanical guarantee for 16 000 hours.
  • Bearing design allowing L10 > 50 000 hours.
  • A labyrinth seal system allowing extended lifetime for the equipment.
  • Reduced NPSH brought by an inducer and a patented Supercharger technology (for single stage pumps).
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Compatible with all cryogenic gases except LNG (for safety reasons).
  • A wide choice of options is made available.

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