Cryomec KPS pump

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Cryomec KPS Pump

Fives' Cryomec KPS high pressure pump is especially designed for CO2 and N2O filling stations. This cylinder filling pump has been on the market for 40 years and is still widely used around the world. The Cryomec KPS pumps are built with a special ceramic-coated self-centered plunger. This pump addresses financially stringent markets: CO2 and N2O cylinders filling markets for instance.

Low Operation Costs

Fives' Cryomec KPS piston pump range benefits from an optimized lifetime due to its low operation costs.


The design of this high pressure pump allows flow rates from 1 to 30 L/min and pressures from 15 to 110 barG.

Full Automation Option

Fives' Cryomec KPS piston pump range offers various control systems - limiting the effects of man-intervention on the pump's reliability.

Product features and advantages

 19A9553 226x119-FIVES
  • Reliable sealing system.
  • Guaranteed 1000 hours.
  • Compact design, simple or duplex models.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • A wide choice of options.
  • Low operation costs.

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