Cryomec THOR pump

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Cryomec THOR Pump

Fives' Cryogenic Business line has developed a new product dedicated to high pressure processes for the heavy duty industries, with outstanding flow rate performances, superior efficiency and ultimate reliability.

With Cryomec THOR - the most reliable cryogenic piston pump range on the market - Fives addresses applications that were previously reserved for centrifugal pumps. Fives' Cryomec THOR equipment is designed to deliver high pressure liquefied gases under process conditions. Initially developed for LNG, for the marine industry, Fives' Cryomec THOR pumps have also been thought to suit the specific needs of CO2 capturing projects and future applications for LNG and Air gases.

Ideal for high-pressure systems and highly reliable on the long-run, Fives' Cryomec THOR pumps are perfectly suited for heavy duty applications.

Pioneering Equipment

Cryomec THOR is the most reliable cryogenic piston pump on the market. With this high pressure cryogenic pump, Fives was the first to offer a solution for Marine FGSS (Fuel Gas Supply System). Tested since 2009 and continuously improved ever since, Cryomec THOR is now a reference on the market.

Highly Enduring

Cryomec THOR - "the tireless high pressure cryogenic pump" is extremely robust and enduring. It can take up to 24,000 hours of continuous duty at 250 kN and guarantees 16,000 hours of duty without maintenance on the crank-drive. 2 patents have recently been registered: New eccentrics and Shaft coupling technology - allowing to each these high reliability levels.

High Hydraulic Efficiency

Thanks to its state-of-the-art design, the high pressure Cryomec THOR pump reaches 85% efficiency and is perfectly adapted to heavy duty applications: highly powerful, yet with reduced energy waste.

Product features and advantages

  • A new patented sealing system on the cold-section that allows longer working time (present records with over 7'000 hours of duty).
  • New patented eccentrics / shaft coupling system that fully limit the wear on sub-components.
  • Driven by electrical or hydraulic motors.
  • Modular concept: up to 6 cold ends.

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