Design and construction

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Brazing, a strong know-how

The process of brazing - and the quality of the brazed matrix - is a key phase in the manufacturing cycle of the heat exchanger. Fives’ Cryogenics | Energy business line fully masters and controls this operation and has done so for over 50 years (since 1959). The vacuum brazing furnaces are fitted with a special regulating system in order to achieve real-time predictive control of the brazing thermal cycle, under stress. This is done by mapping the actual temperature of the heat exchangers at every moment of the brazing operation. The process has been fully optimized by developing a 3D software that simulates the brazing thermal cycle in advance.

By integrating all the predictive regulating logic and all the equipment's design data, this package optimizes all parameters, and is used as soon as during the design phase.

The best technical and economical solution

Thanks to cutting edge tools and state-of-the art in-house developed software, Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line technical teams turn each design into a tangible and efficient product. The major goal is to offer a complete product which is especially built in accordance with the customer's particular specifications. Efficiency and availability at all steps of the project constitute Fives' specific added value, in order to provide ultimate performance equipments to its customers.

Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line has dedicated engineers and technicians who work together to build various equipments, based on the customers' specifications. Regarding plate-fin heat exchangers, they select the best possible compromise between:

Fives cryogenics Expertise design-FIVES

Fives' high level of excellence comes from relevant partnerships with renowned universities and engineering schools, laboratories and major clients. The results obtained are fully validated by simulation computations, on-site measurements, continuous quality control and measurement of fin performances during manufacture.

In-house assembly

Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line provides in-house assembly performed by highly qualified employees using high quality professional materials. These home-made products enable Fives to reach the quality standards requested by the customers.

Fives' Cryogenics | Energy business line has three in-house industrial sites with workshops located in Switzerland, France and China.

Simulation Tools

Fives Cryogenics Expertise Design and construction 1-FIVES
Fives Cryogenics Expertise Design and construction 2-FIVES

As part of its Cryogenics | Energy offer, Fives has developed its own design simulation tools - the result of more than 20 years invested in R&D and tests in order to validate the performance of Fives’ heat exchangers. These tools are used for the thermal and hydraulic simulation of heat exchangers (standalone or assembled) in order to take into account their process environment.

In addition to steady-state conditions, this internal proprietary software can simulate the operation of heat exchangers in transient conditions, in order to assess the thermo-mechanical stresses, and ensure equipment integrity.

The use of mechanical design, based on customer specifications and preliminary hydraulic studies, ensures performances that are compliant with worldwide codes and standards, design constraints (earthquakes, wind, transport and handling), specific site installation requirements, customer interfaces, flexibility and thermal contractions, external loads and instrumentation.

A wide range of fin types is available for selection by Fives engineers in order to reduce customer's total plant costs while ensuring full compliance with specifications. For this purpose, the fins are tested to measure their pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics. In particular, these tests are conducted on brazed fins so that the results obtained are truly representative of actual performances in the heat exchanger.

The quality of fins is guaranteed by measuring their pressure drop during manufacturing, in addition to conducting geometric and micrographic inspection.

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