Petrochemical Processing

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Why develop petrochemical processing ?

Petrochemicals are extracted from petroleum or natural gas. Many current consumer products are manufactured from petrochemical components which are used in many different industries. Petrochemicals through various processes produce plastics, solvents, resins, synthetic fibers, etc. ...

The processing of petrochemicals often includes cracking of large molecules at high temperatures, followed by cryogenic distillation in order to separate products from each other. Equipment such as brazed aluminium heat exchangers (BAHX) are very useful in this industry, in particular in the cryogenic distillation process.

What are the equipments for this application ?

BAHX can handle many different fluids at very different pressures/temperatures in the same exchanger. The cryogenic distillation requires BAHX in order to cool down streams to very low temperatures. They are also used as condensers and reboilers on the distillation columns.

Why Fives ?

Fives is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the petrochemical industry. Fives and its Cryogenics | Energy business line provide ultimate performance brazed aluminium heat exchangers which combine multi-stream capacity (up to 20 different streams in parallel) and design flexibility. With over 150 cold boxes and cores-in-drums manufactured since the 1970s, Fives is a world leader in the supply of brazed aluminium heat exchangers (BAHX) and associated equipment for petrochemical processing plants. All major process licensors and engineering companies have trusted Fives for its capabilities in this sector.

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