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Cryomec NLL & GPSLL Transfer Pumps

Fives' CRYOMEC NLL & GPSLL centrifugal pumps are mainly used for intermittent duty dedicated to transfer, ground transfer and trailer applications. They can be skid mounted at the tank's feet or integrated on a road tanker.


Due to VFD driven technology, we are now able to reach 33 or 45barG discharge pressure in a single stage.

Ultimate Reliability

Even at a high rotating speed, this kind of transfer and trailer pump guarantees 1 000 hours without maintenance.

Control System

Fives has developed a unique control system for its pumps, in order to limit the human effect on the equipment's reliability.

Product features and advantages

  • Fitted with a gearbox (G) or directly coupled (DC) with or without a frequency converter.
  • A wide range of flow rates are made available: from 60 to 2 000 l/min.
  • The differential head can reach up to 700 m.
  • Single or multistage transfer, ground transfer and trailer pumps.
  • Compatible with all cryogenic gases except LNG (for safety reasons).
  • High reliability thanks to a special design which guarantees 1 000 hours of duty before maintenance.
  • Reduced NPSH brought by an inducer and a patented Supercharger technology (for single stage pumps).
  • Easy maintenance.
  • A wide choice of options are made available.

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