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Cryomec LPRP Pump

Fives' Cryomec LPRP pump is a worldwide market reference. Dedicated to medium-pressure processes with medium flow rates, it is widely used by all industrial players in the gas supply-chain from process to distribution applications.

A wide array of technical innovations is included in the Cryomec LPRP high pressure cryogenic pump. The NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head) can be reduced to 0 barG thanks to the Supercharger fitted onto the cold section - allowing the Cryomec LPRP to pump the entire capacity of the feeding tank. 

Thanks to its countless technical advantages, the Cryomec LPRP cryogenic piston pump reduces the number of down times in the process and considerably extends MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

Fives' Cryomec LPRP piston pump significantly reduces the total cost of ownership - a key differentiating asset.


Fives' Cryomec LPRP Pump is a "cost-compressor" pump. Its specific heating process allows increased packing service lifetime and its patented spherical coupling reduces radial loads and improves piston alignment. Its combination of efficient technical innovations leads up to a record MTBF: above 7500 hours!


The NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head) can be reduced to 0 barG thanks to its conception - allowing to pump the entire capacity of the feeding tank.

Full Automation Option

Fives' Cryomec LPRP high pressure pump range offers various control systems - limiting the effects of man-intervention on the pump's reliability.

Product features and advantages

  • Available for all cryogenic liquids.
  • Flow rates range from 2 to 190 l/ min.
  • Pressure up to 150 barG.
  • Guaranteed for 2 250 hours (sealing system) and 4 500 hours on crank drive.
  • High- level safety - the equipment is especially designed for oxygen and LNG pumping.
  • Improved efficiency by fitting the pump with the supercharging technology which leads to 0-NPSH.
  • The low speed model can be used in process duty.

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