Cooperation with MHI

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Fives have cooperated since 2009, in order to develop an environmentally friendly solution to propel large merchant ships like LNG carriers.


Fives' challenge was to supply a high pressure LNG pumping system dedicated to 2 stroke marine engines in order to use natural gas as fuel. Due to the heavy constraints of the marine industry, Fives suggested the Cryomec -THOR pump range to provide ultimate reliability and robustness.

Backed by a series of successful bench tests performed by MHI since 2011, the first high pressure Fuel Gas Supply System was implemented and tested by a gas engine manufacturer in Japan (Tamano, Okayama), in 2013 - A world first! Both from an environmental and a technological perspective.

Today, the Gas Fuel System for a gas injection engine for onboard equipment is already at its marketing stage and ready to be delivered by MHI.

To seal 6 years of steady cooperation and prepare for a promising future, MHI and Fives agreed on an exclusive agreement in February 2014.