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  • Fives is in the Headlines about innovative cryogenic pumps

    Fives is in the Headlines about innovative cryogenic pumps

    Nicolas Fariney, product manager at Fives Cryomec, explains how innovation in cryogenics equipments will support customers for applying new regulations regarding safety and environment.
    The use of natural gas is increasing and it becomes a more strategic resource. Considered as...

  • Fives strengthens its local presence in the US with its Cryomec® pump range

    The North-American market has been identified as a key market for Fives; its Cryogenics │ Energy business line opened a local subsidiary from 2015: Fives Cryo Inc., in Houston.


    Fives participated in the 26th Annual Technical Conference GPA-GCC

    The 26th Annual Technical Conference GPA-GCC & GPA-Europe Chapter Joint conference took place in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman on March 6-8, 2018.

  • News participation Gasworld conference v2-FIVES

    Fives attended the North America Industrial Gas Conference

    Fives' Cryogenics | Energy team participated to Gasworld’s Conference in Houston.

  • Improving NPSH

    Félicien Gebel and Stéphane Boeglin, Fives Cryomec, Switzerland, present a new inducer design in the LNG Industry August 2017 edition.

  • LNG Maintenance-FIVES

    Right place, right time

    Stéphane Desbuisson, Fives Cryo, France, and Nicolas Teyssot, Fives Cryomec, Switzerland, explain why it is vital to predict maintenance precisely to optimize equipment efficiency and extend its lifecycle.

  • Fives Cryo Academy-FIVES

    Quality progress for Fives’ training organization

    After research, justification and proof obtained from the 21 Quality Indicators, the training organization “Welding school of Fives Cryo Academy” was registered on DATADOCK on 01 July.

  • launch of innovative stainless steel compact heat exchanger light copyright-FIVES

    Commercial launch of innovative stainless steel compact heat exchanger technology

    Two Brazed Stainless Steel Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers have been commissioned by one of the world’s leading players in the Gas industry, giving concrete commercial perspectives to this new heat exchanger technology, after many years spent on research & development.

  • Fives took part in CIPE 2017

    Fives' Cryogenics | Energy team attended CIPE 2017 for the first time thanks to Key On!

  • FIVES Cryo Suzhou Ethylene copyright-FIVES

    Fives won outstanding project in the ethylene industry

    At the beginning of 2017, the Cryogenics | Energy teams won an outstanding project in the Ethylene industry which includes 10 cold boxes, 2 towers, 1 horizontal tank and other heat exchanger facilities, a total of 22 equipment. The whole project will be entirely produced at Fives Cryo...