Fives Cryomec AG customer service highlights a CRYOMEC® start up close to Houston, Texas.

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Years ago, to strengthen Fives’ position on North-American market, a local subsidiary of its Cryogenics │ Energy business line , Fives Cryo Inc, has been opened. Located in Houston, it emphasizes the cooperation between Fives entities and local partners.

This local presence has already led to successful cooperation with key players. After the service center opened in 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio, service activities in North America have shown large improvements.

Today, Fives Cryomec AG is proud to spotlight a successful start-up job with centrifugal pumps, CRYOMEC® single stage and multi-stage centrifugal labyrinth pumps in an ASU plant close to Houston, Texas, USA.

Our North-American regional service is getting busier and busier, and stronger to support even more your plant activity while improving reliability and efficiency of your equipment.

For more information, please get in touch with our local contact:

SALES & SERVICE Fives Cryo Inc :

1415 North Loop W, Mezzanine Suite E

77008  Houston, Texas – United States

Mr Kévin ROSCHITZ / Business Development Manager

— Cryogenics | Energy

Phone: +1 281 205 4631