Fives delivers a cold box for an ethane cracker


Fives and its subsidiary Fives Cryo are proud to have delivered a huge cold box to one of their major American clients for an Ethylene Plant in the US.

The delivery of this 30’ (W) x 31’ (L) x 76’ (H) 424-ton cold box marks a tremendous achievement for the Cryogenics | Energy team who has dedicated all its energies to successfully design and manufacture this innovative equipment in a timely manner. This impressive feat of engineering was made possible thanks to the active collaboration of all the teams and Fives Cryo’s unfailing motivation to succeed while overcoming several challenges.

Above all, Fives is very proud to have lead this project to fruition in a timely manner while keeping the safety of its personnel and that of others in the utmost regard.  

Congratulations to all for this outstanding work!