Fives is in the Headlines about innovative cryogenic pumps

Nicolas Fariney, product manager at Fives Cryomec, explains how innovation in cryogenics equipments will support customers for applying new regulations regarding safety and environment.
The use of natural gas is increasing and it becomes a more strategic resource. Considered as “natural”, it contributes to the pollution reduction and so forth to the planet protection.

The increasing demand for natural gas in various applications leads to huge quantities of natural gas being transferred from producers to the end-users. The transfer process needs to be safe and reliable. New regulations are being set up to minimize risks. 

To answer these new requirements, Fives has developed a Horizontal Sealless Motor Pump both sealless and submerged technologies. It makes the gaz transfer process safer and reduces operational costs: 

  • The absence of seal minimizes leakage risk and extends shelf life
  • Its compact design makes it very easy to replace existing pump

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