Fives selected to provide 64 SG cryogenic cold-ends for two Fuel Gas Supply System projects

DSC 1145 THOR Recadre sur SG-FIVES

Fives and its subsidiary Fives Cryomec have been awarded to provide 64 SG cryogenic cold-ends for two Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) projects. 
Fives’ cold-ends will be integrated in customer’s pumping units in order to supply vaporised LNG into ships' dual fuel engines. 

This project is directly related to the new global regulations implemented in the maritime sector. On 1 January 2020, the IMO (International Maritime Organization) agreed that the deadline for the implementation of a significant reduction in ship-generated sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions would be implemented. The entry into force of the 0.5% global sulfur ceiling represents a significant reduction from the current 3.5% global limit.

To comply with this new regulation, LNG has been chosen by the naval engine manufacturers as the best alternative to heavy fuel oil (HFO). LNG is a clean fuel compared to heavy fuel oil, with a 99% reduction in SOx emissions and 86% in NOx emissions. (source Mitsubichi)
Another environmental benefit of LNG is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions because LNG produces 20% to 40% less CO2 compared to oil, coal and other fossil fuels when burned. 

Fives and its Cryogenics | Energy team are very proud to be part of the challenges for combating global warming and protecting the environment.