Fives won outstanding project in the ethylene industry

FIVES Cryo Suzhou Ethylene copyright-FIVES

At the beginning of 2017, the Cryogenics | Energy teams won an outstanding project in the Ethylene industry which includes 10 cold boxes, 2 towers, 1 horizontal tank and other heat exchanger facilities, a total of 22 equipment. The whole project will be entirely produced at Fives Cryo Suzhou manufacturing site and delivered before the end of 2017.

A major industrial player in the chemical industry

SP chemicals, the customer, from a three-man company in 1995, have grown to become the largest ion-membrane Chlor-alkali producer in Jiangsu Province, PRC. SP Chemicals engages in the manufacture and sale of the chemical industry's basic building blocks - styrene monomer, vinyl chloride monomer, caustic soda, chlorine, hydrogen and its related downstream products.

SP Chemicals, with annual turnovers exceeding RMB5.7 billion, manufactures and sells 320,000 ton per annum styrene monomer, 500,000 ton per annum vinyl chloride monomer, 750,000 ton per annum chlor-alkali products and other related downstream products.

The Chinese teams will handle the whole project

With the strong support of Fives Group, this project is the first one in the Ethylene industry for which Fives Cryo Suzhou leads the whole process independently, from quotation, negotiation to contract signing. It is also the first project to be 100% manufactured at Fives Cryo Suzhou site. In ensuring product quality at the same time, this localized P2C mode shortens the distance between the design team and customers, zero gap exchanges allow local team to better understand user's needs. Deliver the project on time will be the next challenge of Fives Cryo Suzhou to manage accordingly teamwork, project management, design ability and cost control. In order to meet the special needs from Chinese customers and supply custom products, Fives' teams pursue their effort in R&D development.