Fives obtains a specific ASME qualification up to 200°C for its brazing process

20200731 810 1906 News Asme qualif-FIVES

In March, Fives teams in Golbey - France raised to a new challenge, by building 4 exchanger units, each containing 2 brazed exchangers, with very short contractual deadlines to meet the needs of their client.

While the acceleration of the Covid-19 pandemic lead to the temporary closure of the workshops and then a partial return of activity to comply with health measures, the teams remained committed throughout the project to minimize delivery delays on the first unit and even dispatched the second one 8 days in advance, so it could be shipped by plan on the only available flight, thus satisfying the expectations of the final customer!

In addition to tight delivery deadlines, the realization of these equipment was subjected to another constraint: receiving a specific ASME qualification for this order which Fives successfully obtained!

This qualification, which can henceforth be integrated into other projects for Fives' cryogenic activities, is attributed to devices reaching a maximum design temperature of +200°C compared to +65°C usually.