Brazed Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

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Brazed Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger 1-FIVES
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Fives and its Cryogenics | Energy business line provide ultimate performance Brazed Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers (BSSHX) which accompany clients in new challenges.

Fives benefits from 60 years of experience in design and manufacture of Brazed Aluminum Plate-Fin Exchangers (BAHX) and cold boxes, both for Air Separation and Olefin, LNG, Gas processing industries.

Fives takes advantage of its know-how to expand this technology into stainless steel material.

Today, this innovative technology introduces a revolution in many processes, such as gas compression coolers, air separation units, LNG, Bio gas, syngas production, etc...

Plate fin concept

All key features of Plate Fin Heat Exchangers (PFHE) are maintained in Brazed Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers:

  • Design flexibilities,
  • Compactness,
  • Multi-chamber pressure vessels,
  • etc.

Low Temperature Approaches

Temperature approaches as low as 2-3°C reduce energy consumption. Thus, customers can benefit from lower energy consumption.

Mechanical robustness

Using stainless steel materiel allows higher operating pressures and temperatures, improves corrosion resistance and mechanical integrity.

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