Operations support

Fives and its Cryogenics | Energy business line accompany customers during their projects and beyond product delivery. Fives assists its customers in maximizing the performance all along the lifecycle of their equipment by providing a wide range of services with a dedicated team of experts.

Fives offers a supervision service during the installation of cold boxes, heat exchanger and pumps - during start-up and shut-down phases, on the customer’s site.

Fives’ experts can give requirements to operate safely and quickly, according to our standards and to the ALPEMA rules (www.alpema.org).

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Fives' customer service department benefits from highly qualified technicians who travel worldwide, in order to support customers during the start-up of their equipment. For pumps, commissioning is made by highly qualified teams so the quality and the safety of the start-up and the proper functioning of the pump is ensured.


Fives shares its strong experience with its customers in order to anticipate and optimize the maintenance for pumps and exchangers in the most suitable way. Defining all the needs in terms of human and material resources before going on site is the key to a successful intervention.

Thanks to this anticipation, the plant's standstill period is as short as possible, and the maintenance costs are reduced. Thanks to its specific equipment and expertise, Fives can assist its customers in order to :

  • Prevent problems during running of installation,
  • Maintain the equipment's thermal efficiency.

Fives is also able to check the state of the equipment via specific procedures:

  • Visual inspections, leak tests, non-destructive tests (our experts can interpret X-ray results on aluminum welds : level II for dye penetrant and  radiographic testing),
  • Verifying the thermal insulation (perlite),
  • Clean exchangers with problems of plugging by dry particles etc. ...


Repairs can be organized on site or in one of Fives’ workshops (Switzerland for pumps, France for exchangers, China for pumps and exchangers). As soon as Fives is contacted for on-site repair, the teams  provide direct technical support and can quickly dispatch a qualified technician anywhere in the world. Fives also takes care of pump repairs in  its own workshops. The pump is picked up repaired, and then returned to the customer, directly on site. Our workshops are equipped with all the specific tools and facilities needed to repair in the best conditions. Regarding heat exchangers, if problems are identified on site, Fives’ field service department can send a team to expertise the equipment and make the necessary repairs (such as aluminum welding).

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Spare parts for pumps

Thanks to Fives’ storage policy, all the most needed spare parts are available at any time. In case of an emergency, the requested genuine parts can be dispatched within 24 hours. Moreover, Fives’ worldwide registered partners also keep the most requested wear parts on stock. This allows Fives to be closer to its customers and therefore shorten delivery times.

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Aluminum welding

Fives’ aluminum welders for heat exchangers are qualified “multi-code” qualified, with Fives’ own PQR (Procedure Qualification Record) and WPS (Welding Procedure Specification).

Some examples of services Fives can offer :

  •  Fitting and welding on pressure vessels, piping.
  •  Erection of exchangers on site…

Fives’ Aluminum welding know-how can be made available anywhere and anytime.

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